Quality Policy

Shanthala Spherocast Private Limited, is committed to total customer satisfaction by:

  • Supply of quality castings and components with prompt delivery.
  • Continual improvement in the effectiveness of QMS.
  • Defect prevention and reduction in variation.
  • Total involvement of all employees.

Environment, health and safety Policy

We, at Shanthala Spherocast Private Limited, move in a strategic direction, considering needs and expectations of interested parties and are committed to

  • Conserve natural resources like water, electricity, fuel, sand, diesel and raw materials.
  • Environment protection and Prevention of pollution through effective management of environmental impacts and adherence to operating procedures.
  • Provide safe and healthy environment through preventive measures for injury and ill health for all personnel working for and on behalf of the organization.
  • Comply with all applicable compliance obligations, legal and other requirements related to EHS management system in its activities, processes and products.
  • Continual improvements in the environmental and occupational health & safety performance.

Quality Focus

Implementing proper process controls to minimize rejections, using time tested raw material supplies, systematic incoming material inspection and educating on quality to our supply chain has further strengthened our focus on quality.

An important step in this direction was the formation of Quality Circles to address issues related to rejections, productivity levels and waste minimization. Achieving quality all times by creating a spirit of teamwork, focused approach, measuring the achievement of the same and taking follow up actions has helped us to reduce rejections substantially.

Over the years, our quality focus as well as approach has gained acknowledgment from the customers.